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Love Ashok’s work enough to want to read EVERYTHING he writes, now and in the future? Want to pay more than the usual reader to help support his ongoing Epic India Library? Become a Sponsor Subscriber at AKB eBOOKS. You will not only have the keys to the kingdom, you will be a sponsor of Ashok’s life’s work! You will be able to download all the available titles in all available series any number of times you wish, to any computer or device, for as long as you wish. You will have full access to all current and forthcoming features. You can choose to pay the minimum subscription fee or any amount you wish – every dollar or rupee you pay over and above the minimum subscription amount goes directly to Ashok and helps fund his research, study, writing, revision and travel for his ambitious Lifetime Writing Project, the Epic India Library. It’s readers like you who make it possible for him to complete his goal of creating one massive interlinked Library containing all the major epics, myths, legends and itihasa of the Indian sub-continent. As a special thank you to those who are particularly generous in their contributions, you will be personally named as a Sponsor Subscriber in every book and ebook edition that is published hereafter!

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    The Kingdom of Beasts (Mba 7)
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    ASHOKA: Lion of Maurya Trilogy complete
    Chanakyaneeti Trilogy (prequel to Ashoka) complete
    Shivaji Trilogy complete
    Mahabharata Book 8, 9, 10!
    AWAKEN: Book 1 of The Shakti Series
    And more!

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