Sharmishtha Yayati


A love triangle that changed a dynasty
 Using a petty excuse, Devayani makes her best friend Sharmishtha her veritable slave. Soon after, Devayani chances across a man trapped in a well. On learning that he is Yayati, king of a powerful nation, she blackmails him into a relationship in exchange for saving his life. A man of his word, Yayati marries Devayani even though it’s her slave Sharmishtha that he truly loves. Unable to resist his heart’s longing, Yayati begins a secret affair with Sharmishtha that lasts for years. But one day, Devayani suspects something is amiss in her perfect life and follows her husband into the forest, discovering his secret to her chagrin. But that is not the end of this extraordinary tale. Read on to see how Ashok’s storytelling shines brilliant light upon this gem pried loose from the mosaic of his own Mahabharata Series.

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