Ganga Shantanu


A love story written on water
A king falls in love with a woman. But unknown to him, she is the incarnation of the great Mother-Goddess River Ganga herself. Compelled to take human form as the result of a curse, she must commit a series of unspeakable acts to free herself. The curse forbids her from confiding in her human husband, who is unable to comprehend why she must act so cruelly. Finally, her awful tasks are completed. But she cannot abandon her human lover without one final gift. This story sets the stage for the great war and clan-conflict that is at the center of the great epic story-cycle of the Mahabharata. But it is also a beautiful, heart-breaking yet ultimately inspiring tale of love beyond boundaries and forms. Retold by Ashok in his Mahabharata Series, this is the story of a love rarely witnessed by mortal eyes.

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