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Ashok’s long-awaited Mba Series is nearing completion – he is writing the last volumes in the series even as he revises, edits, and updates the earlier ones! While he will complete writing the series sometime in 2014, the publishers are running several years and volumes behind. But here on AKB eBOOKS you will be able to read all 18 volumes by or before the end of 2016 – quite possibly even sooner. If that seems too long to wait for eager readers, bear in mind that the Mba Series is 18 volumes, over 10,000 pages long, and exceeds 3 million words, yet is being released here on AKB eBOOKS in a span of six years, making it the fastest release of any series ever. In addition, the Mba Series itself forms only one part of one section of Ashok’s larger Epic India Library, and by the time it is completed, the entire Epic India Library of close to 100 volumes (more than the 70 volumes originally envisioned) will be online on this website. This is the single largest publishing project undertaken by any author, and nothing else comes close in comparison, whether in size, scope or ambition. But of course, the Mba Series forms the cornerstone of this ambitious project. For what else can come close to equalling the majesty, the energy, the inventiveness, the imagination, the wonder of the world’s greatest epic! As Ashok often says, he is simply putting his very small feet in the very big footprints of those great minds that have travelled this path before. With his Mba Series, he takes you on a truly epic journey!

Based strictly on the original Sanskrit shlokas with vivid action-packed narration and descriptions, this sampoorn Mahabharata retelling in 18 volumes brings to life all the magic and majesty, wonders and violence of the world’s greatest epic. This is Mahabharata as you’ve never experienced before: a once-in-a-lifetime reading experience. Volume One: The Forest of Stories presents the fabulous creation myths and origin stories of India while setting the stage for the main narrative which explodes with action in Volume Two: The Seeds of War and Volume Three: The Children of Midnight. Available in exclusive hand-crafted ebook editions from AKB eBOOKS, designed and formatted by the author himself.

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