KC#2: Dance of Govinda


The prophesied Slayer of Kamsa has been born and smuggled out of Mathura in the dead of night. Kamsa finds that his nephew has escaped and flies into a demoniac rage. Meanwhile, Jarasandha of Magadha arrives in Mathura with his coterie of powerful supporters to ensure that Kamsa stays loyal to him. But Kamsa is not to be crushed. With the help of Putana, a powerful demoness living incognito among humans, he slowly regains his strength and acquires new powers. Packed with surprising insights into the characters of Kamsa and Putana, Dance of Govinda is a brilliant interpretation of the nature of evil in a world that teeters on the edge of violence.

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Slayer of Kamsa: Krishna Coriolis Series Part 1

Violating the peace accord sealed by his father, King Ugrasena’s renegade son Prince Kamsa embarks on a rampage of destruction…until he meets his nemesis King Vasudeva who is supernaturally immune to any attack from Kamsa! So Kamsa allies with the evil Jarasandha, emperor of Magadha, to awaken his own demoniac powers. Returning to Mathura as a rakshasa in human form, Kamsa wrests control by force, imprisoning his new brother-in-law Vasudeva and wife because of the prophecy that foretells that their Eighth Child will be his destruction. But even in the womb, the unborn Krishna uses powerful magic to cast a spell across the entire kingdom on the night of his own birth! Now, the stage is set for the epic clash of the child-god and the terrible forces of evil with the birth of Krishna…Slayer of Kamsa!


Flute of Vrindavan: Krishna Coriolis Series Part 3

Infant Krishna and his half-brother Balarama are the most mischievous children in all of Gokuldham, getting up to all sorts of pranks, raiding neighbours’ dahi handis and letting the calves run free. But disciplining God Incarnate is no easy task. It slowly dawns on Mother Yashoda that the babe she is trying to protect is in fact the protector of the entire world! As Krishna survives one horrific asura attack after the other, she comes to terms with the true identity of her adopted son. Meanwhile, Kamsa despatches a team of otherworldly assassins to slay his nemesis. Harried by Kamsa’s forces, Krishna’s adoptive father, the peace-loving Nanda Maharaja, is forced to lead his people into exile. They find safe haven in idyllic Vrindavan. But even in this paradise, deadly demons lurk…


Lord of Mathura: Krishna Coriolis Series Part 4

As Krishna grows into youthful manhood, Kamsa grows ever more desperate to kill his nemesis. With Jarasandha’s aid, the rakshasa-king launches a relentless campaign of demonic assault against Krishna–and his fellow Vrishnis. Young gopi Radha learns to her sadness that Krishna cannot return her love when he has the fate of all humankind in his hands. Finally the day of the prophecy arrives and the stage is set for the final showdown between Krishna the boy-god and Kamsa, lord of Mathura.


Rage of Jarasandha: Krishna Coriolis Series Part 5

Kamsa the Usurper has been slain. Krishna has fulfilled the prophecy. But barely has he restored old King Ugrasena to the throne of Mathura when a new threat rears its head. Jarasandha of Magadha encircles Mathura with a great army. Even if Krishna and Balarama fight like superheroes, they cannot possibly save the citizens of Mathura. Or can they? The Krishna Coriolis series ramps up to an epic new level of thrills and excitement in this 5th and most exciting installment of the bestselling series.


Fortress of Dwarka: Krishna Coriolis Series Part 6

Jarasandha’s relentless attacks threaten Mathura’s very existence. With the aid of a talented young architect Krishna builds a great fortress-city in the middle of the ocean and transports the entire population of Mathura in the blink of an eye. Finally, the Yadavas enjoy an era of peace. But a new challenge beckons: Krishna’s eternal soul-mate has taken birth on the mortal plane to be with him. No sooner has Krishna found her than he finds that she is being used as bait in a deadly trap.

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