Kali Rising#2: Burnt Saffron Sky


Part 2 of Kali Rising picks up exactly where Blood Red Sari ended, introducing two new protagonists and a veritable army of enemies. Sheila, Nachiketa and Anita each face the deadly consequences and fallout of the nationwide terrorist strikes, the worst in the history of the sub-continent. Sheila navigates a riot-torn Kolkata in flames as she tries to reach her beloved uncle, only to find that the MWGs (as she calls the Men With Guns) are a step ahead of her. Anita, injured and in no shape to fight, is forced to draw on her inner reserves as the sanctuary where Father Francis has brought her is subjected to a savage assault. The same mysterious enemies are hot on Nachiketa’s trail but thanks to Powar’s family, she is spirited away to a remote village in Haryana where she faces a struggle of her own as well. And Aadila, the fourth woman to receive the package of documents, finds herself and her young wards in deadly trouble in the hills of Hyderabad. The action ratchets up, the pace never slacks and the global conspiracy begins to come to light in pieces, like a mosaic unveiled, as the person they all thought was dead reveals herself to be alive and tells the four women the real reason why she sent them the package. The real struggle has just begun.

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