Kali Rising#1: Blood Red Sari


Sheila‘s all-women’s gym, the first in Kolkata, is about to start turning a profit when a powerful Assamese politician shuts it down. But what does that have to do with the yellow manila package she’s just received? And why are men with guns trying to kill her? Nachiketa is in a wheelchair for life thanks to her dowry-hungry ex-husband and in-laws. A successful lawyer for battered women, she is now suing them. When a yellow manila package arrives at her office, it sets into motion a shocking chain of violence. Wheelchair-bound, she refuses to give up. Anita returns to her native Kerala after 14 years to attend the funeral of her childhood friend. But it turns out that before she died, Lalima sent her a yellow manila envelope that Anita’s own brothers are willing to kill to lay their hands on. Three women in three separate cities, battling for survival even as they race against time to understand the meaning of the documents in the yellow manila package. The fate of millions could depend on it. Blood Red Sari launches a contemporary all-women action thriller series like nothing else you’ve ever read. The sequels: Burnt Saffron Sky, Rust Black Heart and Silver Acid Rain are already complete.

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