ASHOKA Lion of Maurya – Book 1


ASHOKA Lion of Maurya Front Cover medium

India’s Greatest Emperor.

History’s Bloodiest Epoch.

Note: This is a NEW Book 1 of ASHOKA Lion of Maurya: added by Ashok on 15 November 2016! The Book 1 you may have read previous to 15 November is now Book 2. To know more, see the News Page.

Young prince Ashoka accidentally overhears two men in a city tavern: a band of assassins have infilterated Pataliputra, capitol of the great Mauryavansh Empire. Their mission: To wipe out the entire imperial family!

Young prince Ashoka kills the first two assassins himself and reports the threat to his father Emperor Bindusara. With the help of the Chandrikas, the entirely female order instituted by Ashoka’s late grandfather Chandragupta Maurya, he makes it his mission to root out the rest. But when his own lover, herself a Chandrika, confesses a terrible secret, he realises that the real threat lies within his own family. 

Bindusara’s harsh methods turn the marbled floors of the imperial palace awash with blood. Ashoka’s mother Queen Shubhadrangi and her ally Queen Tissyanka fear that innocents are being killed needlessly. Young Brahmin, Radhagupta, acolyte of the great Acharya Kautilya, warns them against involving themselves in such matters. First Queen Khorasan and her mother, Senapati Khorasan are playing their own game of thrones.

Meanwhile, Dowager Queen Apama is secretly working for her father Seleucus Nicator, who still has ambitions of invading the sub-continent and accomplishing what his late master, Alexander the Great could not. But none of this matters if the assassins succeed in their deadly mission, and only young Ashoka has his family’s–and Mauryavansh’s–true interest at heart.

India’s Epic Storyteller turns his masterful hand to the life of ancient India’s greatest ruler, Ashoka in a thrilling trilogy packed with non-stop action, adventure, battles and lusty no-holds-barred storytelling.

Reading Level: Rated M (for Mature Readers)

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