Itihasa Series


Ashok’s Itihasa Series seeks to retell landmark historical stories from Indian history. The main difference between these and his other mythological or fictional series is that all these stories must have an indisputable basis in historical fact, with archaeological, anecdotal and scholarly evidence confirming them. He keeps in touch with the latest findings on these various subjects since this is a particularly exciting time for historians, with new discoveries constantly upsetting, revising or confirming existing theories and ideas. He then works from factual notes of what is known and confirmed, extrapolating incidents, events, descriptions, dialogue, mannerisms, speech, clothing, artifacts, weaponry, etc, in the same manner as any good historical novelist.

He has been working on some of these stories from a very young age, gathering information, notes, researching and reading constantly over his lifetime, even writing stories of various periods as part of his ongoing style experiments. In the mid-2000s he began revising and completing the books, starting with TEN KINGS: Dasarajna which is available exclusively here on AKB eBOOKS as an ebook original.

The Itihasa Series forms the Third Wheel in Ashok’s ambitious Epic India Library.

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