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Unlike large corporate ebookstores which need to watch their bottom-line, AKB eBOOKS is fully author-owned and overseen. Ashok values his fans more than their money! With over 35,000 readers (out of an estimated 1.1 million worldwide) having written to him directly, some corresponding with him for decades, he is India’s most interactive author and one of the world’s most approachable authors!

So if you have an issue with anything – your subscription, your ebook, the website – just send us a message to moc.s1508495826koobe1508495826bka@t1508495826roppu1508495826s1508495826 and we’ll issue a refund asap, no questions asked. It’s your money, your choice! But before you sever your relationship with us, do let us know what the problem is at least so we can attempt to set it right. If you could read through the options below, it’s even possible there might be a better solution. Do take a minute to read it at your leisure.

Not sure if you want a refund? Have a question? Read on!

It often happens that a person only asks for a refund as a last resort. If all you need is a clarification or an answer which you haven’t been able to find yet, or simply a little help with your ebooks or online reading, then are other ways than simply canceling your subscription. For instance…

Technical Problems

If you are experiencing technical problems accessing a download page or link, or in opening an ebook file you purchased, we would request you to first attempt to troubleshoot the problem. Our Help Pages and Community Forums will assist you in getting the most out of your AKB eBOOKS.

Dissatisfied with just one specific ebook?

Any AKB eBOOK you purchase from the AKB eBOOKStore is eligible for return and refund if we receive your request within 7 days of the date of purchase. You are entitled to ask for a refund without needing to explain why or justify your request. To request a refund and return, send us a message addressed to moc.s1508495826koobe1508495826bka@t1508495826roppu1508495826s1508495826. Please make sure to include the title of the AKB eBOOK you wish to return in your request. While you are most definitely not required to let us know the reason for your dissatisfaction, if you choose to share that reason with us, it would be greatly appreciated.

Refunds on AKB eBOOK Subscriptions

Due to the nature of a subscription and the effort and cost involved in processing and maintaining a membership account, full refunds are generally not possible. However, if you are dissatisfied with the subscription you purchased, we urge you to contact us at moc.s1508495826koobe1508495826bka@t1508495826roppu1508495826s1508495826 to communicate your issue. All complaints are given careful consideration. Once approved, either a full or partial refund, as the case may be, will be issued immediately by reversal of payment to the debit, credit card or bank account from which you made the payment. Due to legal reasons, once a subscription is refunded, you will not be able to subscribe again or access the AKB eBOOKS website and ebooks in future. Your IP address may also need to be added to our Block List for security and legal reasons.

Whatever your decision, we thank you for using AKB eBOOKS and helping support Ashok’s work!

From Ashok K. Banker and all of us here at AKB eBOOKS…


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