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The Epic India Library is the culmination of Ashok’s life-long vision, research, study, thought and writing: it envisages a library that contains ALL the myths, legends, itihasa and history of the Indian sub-continent, written in a continuous narrative that can be read as individual books, individual series, interlinked series–often connecting laterally (books from one series connecting to books in other series) to produce different perspectives each time–the whole comprising the sum total of the sub-continent’s vast treasure of katha.

The EI Library comprises Four Wheels: Mythology, Itihasa, History, and Future History. Ramayana Series® and Krishna Coriolis are part of the First Wheel. The upcoming Mba Series retelling the world’s greatest epic, Mahabharata, is part of the Second Wheel. Ten Kings and the subsequent novels dealing with different periods of recorded Indian history are the Third Wheel. Novels such as Vertigo, Gods of War, The Kali Quartet, Saffron White Green are the Fourth Wheel. All Four Wheels are interlinked and, when read together, they shall form one epic uber-narrative. The complete EI Library is expected to comprise over 70 volumes. It is a lifetime writing project. Ashok funds the entire enterprise through his book authorship and works entirely on his own, without aides, researchers or collaborators.

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