Ashok’s work often takes years to be published, decades even. For instance, the first two books of the Ramayana Series were first written in 1999-2000 and for the first five years he could not find a publisher willing to read the manuscripts. Indian publishers said that Indian readers would have no interest in reading mythology. Working without a publishing contract at first, he completed the entire eight-book series (including Sons of Sita) in 2004. It was only after the first book Prince of Ayodhya was published to international acclaim that Indian publishers began issuing the series from 2005 onwards. Even then, the crucial final eighth volume Sons of Sita was only released in late 2012 and is the hardest book in the series to find in bookstores, according to many readers. Similarly, the Krishna Coriolis was written from 2004 to 2009 and all eight books submitted to the publisher before publication began but took until 2013 to be published in print. Of the 18 volumes in the massive Mba Series, Ashok has already completed 15 and will finish the final 3 by end 2013, yet as of now only the first two books have been published and there is no timeline on when the publisher will release the rest of the series.

Several other books have not even found publishers yet, or have been waiting years to go into the editing-proofing-printing-distribution process. This means a long wait of years or even decades (in the Mba Series, for instance) for eager readers who enjoyed his earlier books and are keen to continue reading. As a reader, Ashok himself makes it a point to finish a story before offering it for publication so that readers never have to wait on his account, unlike western authors in the ‘epic fantasy’ genre who start ‘trilogies’ and finish them dozens of years and volumes later.

Even Ashok’s wonderful publishers can’t do much more to hasten the process: print publishing is notoriously slow, with India being among the fastest to bring out books. Waiting long years is an integral part of the print publication process.

Now, that long wait is over! With ebook editions, readers will be able to purchase each new book in a series within months of the previous one, or even sooner. Whether it’s the continuation of the Ramayana Series, the next books in the Krishna Coriolis, or the long-awaited Mba Series, Ashok’s decades-in-the-making Mahabharata retelling, it’ll all be available right here at the click of a mouse.

In addition, Ashok will be writing special content just for this website: from occasional thoughts, articles, notes on his books, essays on writing, publishing, editing, research, voice podcasts, even video podcasts, short fiction, ‘deleted chapters’ from his books, early drafts of new works in progress, and much, much, else, you will find it only here at AKBeBOOKS.com, the official digital bookstore for everything written by Ashok K. Banker.

But most of all, if you’re a reader of Ashok’s work, you’ll not have to wait even a tenth as long anymore: within months of starting the first book (or at most a couple of years if it’s a very long series as in the case of the Mba), you will be able to download and read the rest of the story! No waiting, Googling every few days, asking at bookstores, searching bookshelves, publisher’s websites, etc. Just click, download and in a few seconds, you’ll be reading that long-awaited new volume in the Krishna Coriolis Series, Mba Series, or which book is the one you’ve been waiting for eagerly. That’s why here at AKB eBOOKS, our motto is just two simple words: “HAPPY READING!” 🙂

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Ermisenda Alvarez is the talented young Spanish-Australian designer behind almost all of AKB eBOOKS’ cover designs. (More info soon.)

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